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Nvidia powered
- mil spec Worn technology

Working with a respected computer hardware manufacturer, FPD embarked on developing a piece of worn computer hardware. The system in actual fact was responsible for handling and processing wireless digital video including outputs to audiovisual hardware worn by the user.

WCU ACI.24sml

wireless control
unit product design

This helmet-mounted computer would carry rechargeable “hot-swappable” battery packs for simple battery change over. The complex organics and accommodation of heat sink components required ‘smart design strategy’ for design development of the unit for mass production.

WCU ACI.25sml

fully integrated
industrial design for military client

We worked hard to reduce component count and brought the full enclosure to three main components in Polycarbonate and Aluminium. The Production engineering took place on phase two of the prototyping all done by FPD. Pictured you see a rapid prototype via CN, of the phase one design. Phase two has gone into small-scale manufacture and the system now in use internationally.

WCU ACI exploded


We worked closely with the software developers to deliver an unrivaled piece of wearable architecture. We were very pleased to see that our hard work paid off in assisting our client to land a $60M contract with the National Guard for troop training. It was our pleasure to offer next generation product development.

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