Kudos, Peak energy mapping

A worlds first in community energy mapping. Raising awareness for peak power use and a novel approach to community project fund raising. This trial project went out to hundreds of homes across Bristol.

Clean energy mapping product

About the Project

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Peak energy mapping


Clean energy prospector ( CEPRO ) tasked us to develop a low cost enclosure for an interesting community project, aimed at helping Energy companies predict and manage peak power consumption and bringing communities together, KUDOS was born.

CEPRO had very fast turn around request for trial units. Which we rapid prototyped using Vacuum Casting, offering short run manufacture with no hard tooling set up costs. We produced under 500 units for community trials in Bristol.


CEPRO’s concept for community engagement with the project was two fold. One, you save your energy and two, a neighbourhood, can raise money for elected charities while you save money on your energy bills. Kudos had to be developed to be robust, simple to use and simple to manufacture. Kudos utilised LF Low energy long range radio and had a simple UX in liquid paper ink screen which is highly optimised for energy consumption.

Final Thoughts

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