HTC, Smartphone Concept

Over a decade ago now we were thinking of edgeless screen smarthphone concepts for US smartphone design consultancy.

About the Project

Product Design
Smartphone Concept


The smartphone sector develops at a frenetic pace, the technology moves incredibly fast. Approaching a decade ago, we were approached by a Seattle based design firm that develop smart phones for HTC. They were interested in our ideas in the smartphone market, crucially the brief had to stay practical, so the ideas could be incorporated within the next 18-month development cycle.


These phones would utilise the android platform, which is now one of the most successful contenders with Apples Mobile OS. We were to consider how users may interact using mobile social media, awareness of application development was important in our research phase. Design research into emerging technologies for the handsets themselves including wireless and solar charging, liquid inks and flexible screen technologies. The scope of the project was merely conceptual.

Final Thoughts

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