Aria, Air fryer

Working with a leading brand in Asia who develop kitchen electricals. FLYNN engaged in a conceptual design project, we observed air fryers, all adhering to a similar aesthetic largely driven by the success of one martial arts named Air Fryer – bulky black boxes dominating kitchen counters. Meet Aria, a stylish alternative that challenges the conventional design norms associated with air fryers.

Aria air fryer by Flynn Product Design

About the Project

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Air Fryer


Airfryers have become an essential kitchen appliance for many households, but the options seemed limited if you don’t want a bulky black box on your kitchen counter. Recognizing the need for a more diverse and aesthetically pleasing option, we put our visual design expertise to the test. Our goal was to craft a sleek, modern alternative that breaks away from the conventional square black box, offering a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen counter.


We developed ARIA the stylish air fryer that comes in a spectrum of colours. Black, white and grey for those that like a clean and modern aesthetic. For those that enjoy a bit of colour in their kitchen, there's pink, cream and aubergine. ARIA's clean lines and minimalistic textures redefine the stylish aesthetic that air fryers have longed for. Designed for simplicity, ARIA features a streamlined touch screen display on top the appliance, ensuring an intuitive user experience for everyone. Elevate your kitchen with ARIA's contemporary design, making the cooking experience not only efficient but also a visually pleasing addition to your counter tops.

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