The importance of high end design for manufacture

At FLYNN, we understand the pivotal role of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) in delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. With over two decades of experience blending creative expertise with technical know-how, we seamlessly integrate innovative design with efficient manufacturing processes.

Flynn Product design studio prototype sketches

Strategic DFM Analysis

Conducting in-depth DFM analyses at every stage of development, we evaluate design decisions with a keen focus on manufacturability. This expertise builds strong partnerships with our moulding supply chain and toolmakers, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

Cleo EN Pump by Flynn

Efficient Design Strategies

Utilising key strategies such as standardisation, design simplification, and a focus on assembly optimisation, we strike a balance between customisation and cost-effective manufacturing. Our approach ensures streamlined processes, reduced lead times, and high-quality, multifunctional designs.

Spidercam webcam by Flynn

Holistic Material Considerations

Strategic material selection plays a crucial role in balancing performance and manufacturability. We consider factors like machinability, finishing processes, and part consolidation to deliver designs optimised for injection moulding/casting. Understanding the toolmaking process is paramount, ensuring dimensionally stable and cosmetically accurate parts.

Iko clock by flynn product design
Cleo EN Pump by FlynnSpidercam webcam by FlynnIko clock by flynn product design

Understanding the process

At FLYNN we have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and make it a fundamental practice to consider manufacturability throughout the full development process. Our approach involves conducting a value analysis of our designs, assessing the worth a component brings relative to its manufacturing cost and complexity. For example, does this custom-made part add enough value to justify the additional cost over an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture)part. This approach leads to more savings on cost and time and is good practice for preventing unexpected expenses caused by manufacturing issues

“we believe in pushing boundaries and disrupting markets with our skillset”

Tom Brew - Product Designer
Tom from Flynn Product Design