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In TV they say never work with Animals or Children, Now we can say developing the worlds most compact sky facing GPS cat collar has been a fantastic test of our metal. We have had the pleasure of working with on their industry leading GPS and GLONAS, WIFI & 4G enabled Cat tracking Collars over the past few years. working tirelessly to push that envelop even further working collaboratively with pawtrack and its Electronic Development team.

About the Project

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GPS Cat Tracking


This project was a case study in packing in more product up time via increased endurance Lithium Polymer cells, better range, better cross network tracking, greater resolutions. Packing in more into a smaller and lighter package than world has ever seen before. The benefits to pet owners being able to hot swap out a battery using curved quick release power modules to replace the power pack whilst the other charges.


Our brief was to deliver a collar even small cats can comfortably wear. Material and space efficiency at a premium we stripped things back as much as possible to arrive at a simple elegant solution. The Pawtrack collar unlike most others in the pet tracking market always has GPS facing the sky, providing industry defining tracking reliability and resolution across 3 types of satellite network, working in 170 countries due to the specialist sim card that works almost anywhere in range of cell towers. The Pawtrack GPS cat collar is the new industry standard in reliability and feline comfort. Further, In previous models, the 3G connectivity caused a quick drain of battery life, so to counter the product has moved towards a method of communication which is part of the new generation of ultra low power communication IOT. Together with power management tools, such as shutting down when in wifi, the hope is to significantly increase the life of the batteries. The new GPS will be using the Galileo system of satellites, as well as GPS and Glonass achieving industry defining levels of reliability. Pawtrack lets you know where your missing Moggy is 24/7.

Final Thoughts

“Before working with Flynn in 2015 our previous designers had provided us a tracking collar which was too bulky & heavy. With previous designers I had just accepted without questioning what had been designed for me. Working with Flynn was like a breath of fresh air. They started looking at my product, concentrating on what my customers would want rather than what would be a quick and easy solution. “

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