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We branded our Philosophy

This is the fundamental driver behind all things we do and love as an agency. HUMAN is our unique approach to product development. It’s why we do what we do with such passion and why our products resonate with users.

Through a deep understanding of what it is to be HUMAN, not only helps us create user centred designed products, it helps us create better business.

Authenticity, and an undeniable passion for making things the best they can be is the foundation of our consultancy. Our branded philosophy, HUMAN means we need to develop sustainably and consider just how our choices impact the planet and animals we share it with.

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Design for good

Recognising our social responsibility as product designers. The Apex Position within consumer and industrial market behaviours needs to be front of mind. The impact this has both to enrich peoples lives but also impact the world we live in. HUMAN is making life better.

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Human psychology

Through a deep understanding of our species, how we behave, why we make the choices we do, how to incorporate true ergonomic design. Applied user focused design, HUMAN is developing products which work in harmony with the user.

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A deeper experience

Our vision revolves around the tangible nature of the human experience, aiming to seamlessly connect people with objects. We prioritise the fusion of functionality and emotion, making design a powerful expression of passion. HUMAN is products that look and feel right, that users feel emotion towards.

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Design must be emotive

Beyond crafting products, we focus on creating experiences. Material, shape, colour, texture, utility, and innovation all play roles in telling a compelling story and building a meaningful connection between users and products. HUMAN is elevated engagement in products and experiences, engaging the subconscious mind, emotion and attachment, thus adding value and responsibility towards things we create.

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Inspired by natural systems

Our number one inspiration is design in nature. Problem solving via evolution and the Darwinian model which has been designing for millions of years, giving rise to successful offspring. HUMAN is creating thriving business via design thinking, by injecting the right DNA.

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User centred design

Our commitment to user-centered design involves placing real people at the core of the development process. By first understanding and defining user needs, preferences, and experiences, we create products which work in harmony with the user. HUMAN is product experiences which work in harmony with users.

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Our design process

From research to product launch

We offer a full stack product development process, which allows our clients to engage at a stage which fits their requirements best.  

We assist our clients from pre design research through to supplier matching and production launch. This complex often cyclical process is broadly approximated in three phases of Define, Develop & Deliver.

This is a non linear process which permits industrial design workflow and embedded hardware electronics development.

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Asking new questions.
If you want to lead by design, we need to consider new definitions  the problem and of what success looks like.

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Discovery Audits / Workshops
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Research commercial landscape
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Review prior art & IP landscape
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Define problem from 1st principles
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Set clear objective sand develop brief
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Define a working specification


Full stack product development is cyclical. Bespoke teams ensure key skills are deployed where its needed. Always a focus on the user, always a focus on precision and innovation.

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Concept Sketching
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Virtual Prototyping
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Build  & sketch models
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Develop working prototype
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Detailed analysis and performance reviews and develop brief


Our wealth of experience in design for manufacture. Manufacture technologies and supply chain networks ensure product are manufactured to the highest fidelity of the designer and user.

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Review manufacture suitability / refine design
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Presenting working prototyping
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Match up with full supply chain / know cost to market
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Suite of engineering drawings
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PR / marketing materials
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After Care

It is about curiosity and vision

Being inspired by design in nature, the inspiration is millions of years old. Often these problems have been solved through natural systems.

We use our branded philosophy, HUMAN approach to deeply review and analyse problems from new angles.

This tried and tested approach has yielded countless innovation over the past two decades.

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Flynn Product design studio with a product

It’s about thorough development and learning

Multiple development cycles are required to refine and optimise any given solution vector.  Thorough prototyping inhouse lets us fully assess the design intent and evolve the product design, always striving for excellence.

It’s about expertise in manufacturing

Two decades of expertise in design for manufacture is at your disposal. The best product idea is dead in the water if its not feasible.

If you want to expand what IS feasible you need to build on years of manufacturing expertise and drive it forwards and innovate the production process.

At a minimum you need a product design team well versed in manufacturing to ensure you hit cost and quality targets.

We have a vast partner network we can introduce you to.

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