The power of sustainable design

In a world where global warming is on the rise, the oceans are filled with plastic, and earth’s resources are depleting, sustainable design is imperative. With the understanding we now have about environmental consequences, change for the better is on the rise.

At FLYNN we take great pride in our role within this sustainable movement. Product designers have the power to determine the impact of the products the world uses.

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80% of a product's environmental impact is tied to design decisions.

We consider it our duty to prioritise sustainability, crafting products with minimal environmental and social costs. Our clients align with this ethos, actively supporting the integration of sustainable practices. Beyond environmental benefits, adopting sustainable design enhances a product's success. Consumer preferences drive the sustainable movement, with most willing to pay a 35% premium for eco-friendly products. We choose sustainable design to contribute to a greener planet and meet consumer demands.

Design for Recyclability

In our commitment to sustainable design, we prioritise creating products with recyclability in mind. This involves using materials that can be recycled at the end of the product's life, minimising the variety of materials to enhance sustainability. Additionally, we consider the disassembly of the product—a crucial factor as products glued together cannot be easily taken apart and recycled.

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Design for Longevity

Our approach extends beyond immediate functionality to ensure products are built to last. We focus on increasing the durability and reliability of each product, encouraging a longer lifespan. Furthermore, our design philosophy embraces modularity, allowing for the easy swapping out of parts. This not only facilitates straightforward repairs but also enables updates, reducing the likelihood of products being discarded

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Design for Recycled Materials

Conscious material selection is a cornerstone of our design process. When choosing materials for a product, we thoroughly assess where recycled materials can be integrated. This includes exploring options like reclaimed ocean plastic, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly design ethos.

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Flynn Product design studioYeo prodict design by flynn product designMan sketching a solution

“we believe in pushing boundaries and disrupting markets with our skillset”

Tom Brew - Product Designer
Tom from Flynn Product Design