electronics, from component level

By providing PCB embedded electronics development we help our clients hold on to their hardware IP and we can help scale up into hardware production with supplier matching.
Hardware electronics

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We develop electronic hardware, tailoring solutions that are bespoke from the component level. Collaborating closely with our experienced development partners, we create electronic systems that meet the unique requirements that come with every project.

At FLYNN, we offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions that encompass the entire product development lifecycle including PCB design and development.

Empowering visions with electronics

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Uncapped Innovation

From intricate medical devices subject to stringent regulations to proof of concept prototypes, we find a solution that works for you.  At FLYNN, innovation is ingrained in our DNA and that extends to our electronic design.

Opting to outsource electronics or settling for off-the-shelf solutions puts a limit on innovation. That’s why we work with the best in the business and develop our electronics in tandem with the entire product. This approach removes constraints, unlocking endless possibilities for novel and inventive solutions

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Integrated Expertise

Collaboration is key, and our clients benefit from the combined expertise of our skilled team and our development partners. This collaborative effort grants you unparalleled access to cutting-edge PCB design and development services. We take pride in managing every facet of the project, ensuring seamless coordination from inception to completion

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Exceeding regulations

Our electronic design is all conformal to the latest compliance regulations. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of compliance requirements. We integrate cutting-edge technologies and adhere to industry best practices to ensure that your electronic designs not only meet but exceed regulatory expectations.

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“we believe in pushing boundaries and disrupting markets with our skillset”

Tom Brew - Product Designer
Tom from Flynn Product Design