Stabil-i, Auto image stabilising

STABIL-I a smartphone case with built in image stabiliser. For the right project we sometimes collaborate with other agencies. Working internationally can be a great opportunity to access new markets and show what we are made of. We were approached by a Chicago based agency to help them realise their client’s Industrial design ambitions for a Kickstarter project.

About the Project

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Auto image stabilising


They needed a fast track product development with a redesign of the case and a revision of the mechanism to increase the ruggedness to withstand its intended use.


Working with their US team we set about looking at the initial prototype. We redesigned the entire case with a revised mechanism, with ruggedness in mind. One of the markets this would have targeted was the skateboarding community so shock proofing was a must. They selected our tier one, fast tracked service, and we delivered an assembly that could be injection moulded within 4 days. Stabil-i has gone on to receive critical acclaim from the likes of Engadget and Gizmag.

Final Thoughts

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