Slip Stream, Electric skateboard

SLIP-STREAM is a completely new type of E-Board developed and Patented by FLYNN.  

Man with slipstream skateboard and petting his dog

About the Project

Product Design | Brand Development | Electronic Development
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Electric skateboard


The start up client approached us to review existing ideas they had for a business in the E-board space. Engaging in a workshop it became apparent there was a completely new direction the product could be developed. Our focus would be innovation and patentable concepts to support seed funding rounds for the start up.


FLYNN offered a full spectrum ideation and product development phase. This yielded an array of ideas. SLIP-Stream was born. A new way to gamify E-boarding in pairs with your buddies. The technology was subject to a US Patent. We developed a brand for the client along with a working prototype system.

Final Thoughts

SLIP-Stream is a cool way to play speed tag using IR sensors built into the E-board. This patented concept allows a pair of SLIP-Stream boards to play a dynamic game where by the chasing board cruises up behind the leader and tags the board in front, causing it to lose boost. The Tagging is an audio visual effect on both interconnected boards giving boost to pass to the chasing board. Reach out to know more about the venture.

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