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We offer full spectrum product design development & some of our key expertise include

As a boutique agency we tailor make our multi-discipline teams, bespoke for each project. A holistic, user focused approach which merges disciplines, skills, and experience.  We spent the last 20 years perfecting transferable skills from products across a broad spectrum of applications and markets.

This has enhanced our ability to give our clients laser sharp insight and create product design & development projects, which time after time, deliver not only intellectual property but crucially, products which see commercial success.

Pawtrack product by Flynn product design
“FLYNN are the best product designers we ever worked with”

Jeremy Price

Director  Pawtrack

Topl product design by flynn product design
“We are so pleased with what they have done for us”

Elle Humphrey


Iko clock by flynn product design
“Simply love the work. Chris and his team really set us apart with their design”

John Franklin

Director IKO

Yeo prodict design by flynn product design
“it has been a pleasure working with FLYNN on our snackpot”

Tim Mead

CEO Yeo Valley

Liverpool fc testimonial image
“Techball is a really clever piece of kit, we don't know how they did it”

Jordan  Henderson

Liverpool FC ( Captain )


Can you develop custom electronics for our product?

Absolutely, we specialize in delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions for projects involving embedded electronics. Our expertise encompasses designing and developing bespoke Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), integrated systems, and user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). We collaborate closely with select technology partners, tailoring our approach to meet the unique demands and specifications of each project. Our capability extends to seamlessly integrating advanced electronics design into the physical product design process. We are committed to delivering PCB electronics that are not only fully integrated but also adhere to global industry standards of excellence.

How does sustainable design contribute to business success?

As a philosophy this is about doing good things, with the least negative impact on ecosystems. Brands can't do this alone, they need the market to "buy in". Design thinking allows us to develop products sustainably which gain that market traction. Even better working on green tech innovation, this actively contributes better business while reducing environmental impact.

How can design research and insight benefit my bottom line?

We are big believers on looking at things from a unique perspective. Scoping to include Design Research can be a complete game changer. Critically it is about being better informed on the decisions brands make when setting out their product specification's and briefs. It is foundational work essentially. Base your project on real intel rather than assumptions, be that user tastes and behaviour's or how a technology can be improved. The benefits are vast.

How important is the material selection process?

Choosing the right material is crucial to the success of a product. With over twenty years of experience in utilizing cutting-edge materials, we continuously stay updated with the latest innovations in material technology. This ensures that we always specify the most suitable materials for your needs. Whether it's advanced sustainable biopolymers or skin-safe medical-grade thermoplastic elastomers, we have the expertise to exceed your requirements and develop products which are safe and reliable to use, sustainable to manufacture with full product lifecycle taken into account.  

What is the importance of a prototype in product development?

The power of a prototype can not be overstated. This allows you to test if a mechanism or principle will work. The lessons learned will go into the next interpretation. This is the fundamental basis of development. Our approach is to do this swiftly, iterating fast.

What is the role of industrial design in product development?

Industrial design and product design are terms often used interchangeably, though their meanings can subtly differ depending on the geographical context. Industrial designers primarily concentrate on the external, user-interactive features of a product, which can be viewed as the product's emotional appeal. This encompasses the product's styling, materials, and overall aesthetic. Reflect on the best products you've ever used; it's likely their industrial design—the way they visually and tactilely communicated with you—that drew you in and created a lasting impression. Industrial design is a vital element in our toolkit for crafting award-winning, user-adored products.

Will you find us a suitable manufacture partner?

With two decades of experience in developing products for manufacture, we've built a robust network within the manufacturing supply chain. Our independence from the production process itself allows us to assist in supplier matching with genuine impartiality. Frequently, this involves collaborating with global partners, whom we introduce to our clients as an integral component of our product development workflow.

How much does it cost designing a product for market?

When preparing a comprehensive proposal for you, a key consideration is ensuring the strategic alignment of your project. To accurately estimate costs, our initial step involves a detailed discussion to ascertain whether your current direction aligns with your desired outcomes. A proactive evaluation of your Request for Quotation (RFQ) is essential to determine its effectiveness in meeting your objectives and to assess its optimization. Consequently, conducting a Workshop or Discovery Audit is an invaluable initial phase to establish a solid foundation for your project. This approach enables us to provide you with a precise and tailored quote. Additionally, we offer specific incentives for projects in certain sectors, such as medical and green technology, which could significantly reduce your market entry costs.

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