Design for better business needs an unbiased perspective

That external insight into your brand business is not something you can replicate in-house. Organisations are often blinded by their own scale and culture. We offer the fresh perspective you need to push your brand to new heights.
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Commercial Strategy

Complimenting our design consultancy services, we understand commercial strategy and bring a valuable external perspective to your brand and business. The insights we can bring from an external vantage point are unique and challenging to replicate in-house.

Large organisations, in particular, often find themselves hindered by their own scale and internal culture, leading to blind spots. Our approach helps unveil these blind spots, providing fresh insights that can be pivotal in shaping a successful commercial strategy for next product.

Commercial success starts with design

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Understanding the space

At FLYNN, our collaborative process involves working closely with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business ecosystem. We conduct in-depth analyses, examining business performance, public perception, and identifying opportunities for growth. This thorough exploration allows us to guide brands towards obtaining critical design thinking objectivity, ensuring that our solutions are aligned strategically.

Our goal is to go beyond conventional design approaches and deliver products that not only meet the functional needs of users but also resonate effectively in the intended market. By incorporating insights from our external position, we aim to provide a holistic and informed perspective, resulting in a product that seamlessly integrates with your companies ecosystem while thriving in the commercial market.

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ROI Optimisation

At FLYNN, our guiding principle is, “we design for better business”. From our initial encounter, our focus is on crafting a tailored business design strategy that aligns with your unique goals. We look at what success means for you, ensuring your goals are met by our design.

At the core of our approach is optimizing your return on investment. We believe that our success is tied to the commercial success of our clients. So considering the commercial outcome is ingrained in all our design decisions. Creating products that are not only innovative and problem solving but also primed to thrive in their respective markets.

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Discovery Audit

Outsourcing your consultancy and working with us to asses your products commercial strategy is a key workflow in our discovery audits. We developed our discovery audit sessions as a way for us and you to get on the same page.

The primary objective of these sessions is for us to emerge with a comprehensive understanding of your business, its values, mission, customer base, as well as your desired vision for the company. This is how we develop products which align with your company and are optimised to achieve success in their commercial landscape.

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Discovery Audit
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“we believe in pushing boundaries and disrupting markets with our skillset”

Tom Brew - Product Designer
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