Turncradle, 360 camera adapter

We put in as much passion to the small projects as we do to working with top brands. Supporting inventors and entrepreneurs has been a 20 year labour of love. Turncradle is a good example of this. The goal was to explore commercial property photography as a niche market with the application of 360 imaging just burgeoning.

About the Project

Product Design | Prototype Design | Design for Manufacture
T360 camera adapter


Turn cradle was a fast track product development program for a 360 video camera accessory. This would combine with smartphone use to deliver a pivoting scanning panorama of any space, when placed on a tripod or table.


On a strict budget we produced a manufacturable design and prototype to enable the entrepreneur to test the market with known production costs and an end use prototype.

Taking a pragmatic approach focused on swift delivery we were still able to resolve a patent pending design with attention to detail in low noise power train and mechanical image stabilisation.

We offered small batch production via CNC from aluminium and ABS plastics as well as supplier matching on volume production with domestic and offshore partners.

Final Thoughts

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