Mekamon, structural packaging

Mekamon are an Augmented Reality Robotics company who ended up selling in Apple stores globally.  

a product render of mekamon by Flynn product design studio

About the Project

Design Research | Prototype Design
mekamon logo
Tech Packaging


MEKAMON approached FLYNN to help them during a time of scaling up their business. We focused on their structural packaging for the Mekamon Robot accessory range. The brand was clearly going places with success at CES and product in the apple store, they needed highly creative packaging and unboxing experiences for their tech savvy consumer base. FLYNN were a natural choice.


We embarked on design research to understand better the coming packaging directives and store limitations given by Apple Stores themselves. The environment the product would take shelf real estate in, while we developed a styling direction which would be attention grabbing, gamer tech driven. FLYNN developed presentation product prototyping for review by Apple ahead of Mekamons plans to extend their accessory range.

Final Thoughts

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