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Award winning product design.

To break new ground, you need a different approach

Product design consultancy,
It goes beyond insight

FLYNN is a long established, leading product design company, we're in the business of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Thinking differently. It's not just a mantra; it's our blueprint for innovation.

For over twenty years, FLYNN has been at the forefront of design excellence, shaping products that thrive in the marketplace. Our approach is alchemical, blending the creative spirit of the artist with the meticulous mind of the engineer. This fusion is our secret to unlocking the true potential of brands like yours.

At FLYNN, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's a tangible outcome, driving real commercial success. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit to enhance lives, to redefine the mundane and to introduce products that resonate with markets.

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What we do

Product Design & Development

We are a full-service product design consultancy with over 20 years’ experience developing commercially successful products. Over the years we have honed in our product development process, resulting in a reliable process for consistent high quality product design.

Brand Identity

Brand identity builds the foundations for your products’ success. We work hard to create a bold brand identity that will set you apart from the competition and ensure your product portrays the story you want.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is very important to both us, and our clients. We employ various strategies to produce sustainable products, that never sacrifice on looks, usability or quality.

Prototype Design

Our talented prototype designers employ top of the line prototyping techniques from VAC and RIMCasting to FDM, SLA, SLS and Metal Sintering. This process enables us to meticulously evaluate both the form and function, allowing for the development and evolution of the design.

Product Design Consultancy

As a boutique product design consultancy, our approach to product development is what sets us apart. We understand early start-ups as we do corporate design departments. Big or small, we will work with you to reach your true product potential.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is ultimately about people and their product environment. Developing that industrial design so it is better for business, manufacturable, feasible and tangibly beneficial, comes as standard with our industrial design consultancy.

Design Research

Effective design research builds the foundation for user-centered product development. Whether it’s observing users within context of use or researching emerging technology for new product development, we have an extensive range of design research and analyses methods.

Design for Manufacture

We use our extensive understanding of manufacturing and production processes to ensure our designs are optimised for the selected manufacture method, as a result, you save time and reduced costs.

Over the past two decades we have learned from some truly wonderful business and brands. It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you.

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Over the past two decades we have learned from some truly wonderful business and brands. It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you.

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Bake in market traction at early stage product development

In product design, success takes various forms, and at its core, it shouldn't come at a high environmental cost. Our commitment to sustainable product design means every project tackles challenges while respecting the planet. Aligned with clients who share our ethos, our approach integrates sustainable practices, design thinking, and the creation of intellectual property.

From the initial Discovery Audit to the Product Design Workshop, we focus on aligning with your business strategy, optimising ROI, and ensuring sustainability is woven into the fabric of your success.

Industrial design consultancy est. in
Bristol in 2003
& Exeter since 2016

Flynn began its product design journey in 2003, opening its first office in Bristol. Bristol brings a unique vibe for UK cities, and we can't recommend it enough. In 2015, we expanded further to a second design studio in Exeter, over looking the Exeter Quay.

We established our award-winning Product Development company with a clear mission: to elevate your business to new heights. We firmly believe that a distinctive design identity is key to achieving success and standing out in a competitive market.

At FLYNN, we have the courage to break away from industry trends and make bold design choices that will set your products apart from the rest.