Military Spec VR Wearable

Since the invention of 3D modelling, designers have been trying to create exactly what they have in their imagination, inside their software – this is a challenge in itself and why you will see many consultancies have limited organic modelling capabilities. At FLYNN we take a no compromise approach to design and development, you have to be adept at the “Left and right brained” aspects to product design development.

Wearable Military Spec by Flynn

About the Project

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Being able to sculpt what we see in our minds into the CAD space is essential. This means we bring sculpture to design engineering, which takes years of expertise to produce very original surface modelling. The design brief on this required an item of robust, worn technology. This functional item would form part of their apparel system, and had the capacity to enclose solid state computing if needed.


We often take influence from nature and the best science fiction, in our product styling. We had to both develop the sketch models and provide the manufacture data for injection molding. This required us to thinwall the organic form and add ribbing to maintain rigidity. The final product was produced in a glass filled Polypropylene, as rigidity tolerances were very high.

Final Thoughts

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