The power of outsourcing your design research

Design research allows us to uncover the insights and opportunities that guide our product development process. We observe people in the context of use for our project.

With the aim to build an understanding of the research area through observing, interacting, prototyping, and testing. Design research builds the foundation for product development that truly meets the needs of the user. If done well, it results in products with optimum usability and user satisfaction.

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Types of design research


Descriptive research is a theory-based model where the only goal is to describe the situation you are researching.


Experimental research aims to establish a relationship between the cause and effect of a situation. It involves manipulation of the independent variables and monitoring the effect it has on the dependent variables.


Correlational research examines relationships between two or more variables without any intervention from the researcher.


Diagnostic: Diagnostic design research has the goal of understanding the underlying cause. It helps in uncovering insights into the factors that are causing undesirable outcomes.


Explanatory research involves further exploration of ideas/thoughts by the subject prompted by your own insights

Case Study

Case study involves creating a detailed study of a specific subject, could be a place, a company, an event etc. in order to gain a holistic understanding of the subject.


An ethnography study is about looking at the culture of a specific community. The goal here is to gain an understanding of beliefs, way of life, social dynamics, dietary habits etc.

Research Planning

When setting out to perform a research study effective planning is vital. Without a well thought out strategy, your research methods may not match your objectives and your analysis methods may not align with your collection methods. This misalignment can result in questions going unanswered and data that’s not relevant. To mitigate this, we carefully consider our research goals and approach before doing anything.

At FLYNN we can effectively plan a research study to acquire all the information we need. We have a go to range of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to design research that we deploy on a regular basis. Carefully considering the optimal research method and sampling approach to suit the unique requirements of each project.

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Ethical considerations play a fundamental role in design research. They function as safeguards, ensuring the rights of research participants are protected, improving the validity of research, and maintaining research integrity. In all our research projects we take time to ensure our ethical standards are upheld. We make sure that participants can opt in and out of the study at any time and that no harm comes to participants during the research process.

Additionally, we take the time to ensure participants are made aware of all relevant information, allowing them to make informed decisions about their participation in the study..

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In our data collection and analysis process, we leverage a diverse range of methods tailored to specific project requirements. Drawing on our industry expertise, we select the most suitable approaches to gather essential information. When exploring opinions, behaviours, and experiences, we employ survey methods like interviews and questionnaires.

For data not reliant on self-reporting, we utilise observation methods such as participant observation, case study, and systematic observation. Tailoring our analysis approach to our data collection methods, we delve into the data meticulously, deciphering meaning, identifying patterns, and extracting insights pertinent to your study. These insights are then transformed into design opportunities seamlessly integrated into your product.

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Prototype and sketches by Flynn Product DesignFlynn StudioProduct design by Flynn

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