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nvidia powered wearable -vr engine
vac cast Mobility and realtime streaming of VR environment combined into one compact wearable device vac cast in white abs mimic vr engine with hi-bit rate streaming

full assessment of functioning parts
without running hard tooling.
thin wall enclosures Vac cast in clear ABS mimic
backpack crop

Two piece vacuum cast enclosure

Our US client needed a concept for a rugged enclosure for their bespoke worn computer hardware. The enclosed hardware was Nvidia powered HI-bitrate streaming for VR and motion tracking. This was an ultra high specification worn computer with Mil Spec.

twin enclosure

Thinwall enclosures trialed in soft tooling

This handled the audio visual data link wirelessly. Timeframe for full manufacture design was only two weeks, FPD worked around the clock to allow the client to meet his shipping deadlines. This system was first iteration and soon to be superseded by a head mounted equivalent, however we wanted to provide a robust enclosure that could be produced via silicone tooling and stand up to operational conditions including internal cooling requirements. We surpassed the clients expectations on aesthetics and production costs for this unit.

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