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The worlds first 60FPS soccer ball built for liverpool fc

We recently developed a unique camera system for Standard Chartered who sponsor Liverpool FC, the system is called TechBall. We had around 20 days to design, develop and prototype a system which we took upto Anfield for testing by Steven Gerrard.

where others had failed

The basic concept was to obtain 60 Frames/ Second 1080 Pixel True HD video from the perspective of the ball. This was an incredibly challenging brief as the ball needed to look , weigh and play like a FIFA standard size 5 Ball.

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fast track product development for the sports sector

We had to develop custom electronics for the Camera system, robust enough to endure the 90G that happens during a full strike of the ball. Our target weight was 445 Grams when the camera equipment weighed around 150 Grams.


Award winning product development

We developed a new form of Polyurethane material and casting process to deliver a robust lightweight coating. The Techball has been on tour around Asia see the action from Kuala Lumper.

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