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Product Design
for Inventors – SimpAlarm

We are product designers for inventors and entrepreneurs. James Savage of Simpalarm, had an idea he wanted to develop for market and understood he required product designers to help him. This was new territory, the first time he had embarked on developing his own product. We sat down to assess the principle aims for the product, which originally started out as simply a home alarm system that would be unobtrusive and fit snugly to the domestic plug socket.


patented design

We embarked on developing Intellectual property for the project to enable a patent application, we developed around five novel and inventive approaches to the tamper proofing aspect. Simpalarm is now Patent Pending due to the solution we developed; a snap fit and key release system, that requires only to loosen the socket plate temporarily placing the snap frame at the rear.


Supporting start-ups
and inventors

As with any project there is an evolution, in this case the scope of the product itself expanded. SimpAlarm is now being developed as an assisted living technology that utilises GSM Networks.  Simpalarm’s target market as an assistive product is intended for families and carers of elderly  or vulnerable people who live independently. Simpalarm provides reassurance that your loved one is active and going about their normal routine.

Simpalarm detail

Award winning
product design

Simpalarm does this as a smart web enabled device for carers anywhere, respectfully and unobtrusively monitoring patterns of behaviour.

Simpalarm has already received critical acclaim and was a winner at the Cambridge Wireless Discovering Start-Ups 2013 Awards. For more information on Patents visit

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