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Consumer Product
Design of the Year

Our client Rifat Jan, was a busy mum with an idea to help children eat home cooked food on the go. Rifat identified that children love the food pouches available in all supermarkets (market worth £M100’s per annum ) The off the shelf variety had good engagement with children and parents enjoyed the convenience. Rifat’s brainwave was to develop a brand Fill ‘n’ Squeeze to enable parents to home cook foods in pulp form that could be frozen and defrosted inside a custom pouch. Children engage with the pouches in a different way than home cooked food in a Tupperware for example. So the product would allow parents control of what their child was eating and retain the convenience and engagement of the pouch.

TO over one million sold

We helped Rifat identify that in addition to pouches Rifat would need a filling station, a type of kitchen ware that gives the brand a centre of gravity and steered away from alternatives such as syringing the food into the pouch. We worked with Distrupol to determine the most food safe and dishwasher tolerant material specification. We developed the IP in the project, the filling station design is now patent pending and has won many awards, including Finalist; Consumer Product Design of the Year ( Plastic Industry Awards ).

filln CNC prototype

Next Gen

We offer our clients a full suite of prototyping options. In the inset image, we illustrate a single piece prototype, not printed, not cast, but CNC from a billet and polished back. This saves our clients time and money and provides end use plastic characteristics combined with tolerances in the range of +/- 0.1mm.

Our ability to fast track our clients product development and provide her with the tools to develop her start-up were a massive enabler.

With over a million sold, you can get yours here 

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