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A UK PRODUCT DESIGN AGENCY that's a cut above

original lightbulb Breaking new ground, starts with agency design research.

If you want your product to break new ground for your business, it is fundamental to ask new questions and make new discoveries as we design and develop. Over the past 20 years as product designers we have developed our unique approach to industrial design research. As an established product design agency FLYNN is going to look at problems / gaps in markets in a new way, giving rise to true product development potential.  Whether we are designing medical devices or consumer products, through this prism, a fully fledged creative product design process is enabled. Which gives rise to novel and inventive product ideas, which increases the intellectual property within your company. You might be researching “How to get a prototype product made?” Reach out to our team today. Our hub is in the Southwest as we have agency offices in Bristol and Exeter and meeting rooms in London.

Product Development by Flynn Product design Ltd. UK product design company

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Success is measured in many ways, of course. It is fundamental product design should not cost the earth! Our sustainable design process means all projects should push the boundaries. Our clients share our views on using earths resources sustainably. Design thinking , runs through all that we do. Starting when we meet, in Discovery Audit / Product Design Workshop , focused on your business design strategy, what does success look like and optimising your return on investment. Sustainable design for business, has to help your business be self sustaining, therefore our clients success is at the heart of everything we do. It is how we measure our success. FLYNN’s is an established product design company with a boutique approach to design and develop products. There are plenty of product design agencies who may pass you to account managers or interns. At FLYNN All aspects of your product development is handled at senior level by our top product designers . These teams help you observe and capitalise on opportunities > develop concepts > test our ideas with proof of concept prototyping > evolve designs iteratively where prototyping is key > creating full design for manufacture > supplier matching, to link you with supply chain > even developing your brand. Prototype design is key to validating the design work. A UK Product design company offering world class prototyping with 5-Axis high res CNC, SLS, SLA, our preferred method of printing is Hewlett-Packard MJF 3D printing, we also offer Vacuum Casting, RIM casting.

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original assembly line Product Design Consultancy goes beyond insight.

Our approach is intimate and our relationships mean everything. FLYNN is a straight talking Product Design Agency, without the fluff. Our reputation of delivering excellence in product design consulting and helping our clients win awards. FLYNN Industrial Product Design Consultancy works tirelessly to deliver engaging products that stimulate the user and disrupt markets. The Maxim at FLYNN is “Design products the right way and they will sell themselves”.  Our line is manned 24/7 call our team to kickstart your product future on TEL 0117 2306887

Product Development FAQ

  1. How do you develop a product from concept to manufacture?
  2. What tools are common within top product design companies?
  3. What are the key stages within product development?
  4. How does a business assess the value of its ideas. Are they worth pursuing?
  5. When is the optimum time to patent?

To discover our answers visit our guide to product development in 2022.

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20 years of product design in the heart of Bristol & 5 years in Exeter

We based our design agency in Bristol for the last 20 years. Bristol has a unique vibe for UK cities and we can not recommend it highly enough. The surrounding Aerospace and Tech industries have helped make Bristol a hub for technology start up. We expanded to a second office in Exeter in 2015. Both these Southwest UK cities have a laidback but first rate approach to business, which we have been fortunate enough to help grow. In turn the city has rewarded us with awesome inspiration, people, cultures and philosophy to futures, we are all helping create. Being at the forefront of creative business in the southwest, FLYNN have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading product designers, having had the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs, start-up’s, large and small businesses. Our aim remains the same; to create products that look outstanding, are intuitive to use and feel right. Find out more about our product development

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Develop your
next amazing product.

We bring 20 years of top flight product design development to your next project. Selecting the right product designers can sometimes be a complex process. We aim to make the choice simple. download our NDA. 

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Product designers need to bring their A game

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Product design consultancy in Bristol & Exeter.

Our approach is to disrupt markets & explore the true product design opportunity – enabling a brighter product future. We offer a boutique, agile, flexible service, taking pride in our craft. Our work takes inspiration from the natural world, which has been designing for a billion years.

Ready to create a brighter future together?.

Game-changing product design development starts with collaborative vision. Specifically FLYNN try a different way of looking at the same set of real-world problems, a design agency dedicated to this process so boosting product innovation and new discovery.  We have our lines manned 24/7 so no matter where you are in the world you can reach us on Tel 0117 2306887

We set up our award winning Product Development company, to help take your business to the next level. Have a look at some of the projects we can share openly on our product design case studies page and our design blog.

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Clients big and small, the goal is the same.

We are proud to have worked with companies from all over the world from consumer products to medical devices. Life is for learning as they say and we always have our eyes and ears open. FLYNN is an industrial design company having worked with some of the finest people in business and had the pleasure to share success with companies big and small, we think there has been a good exchange of wisdom and expertise along the way.

You know your sector super well, we are a quick study and bring passion to boot. We have an approach that benefits organisations of any size, from the Entrepreneur , start up and inventor, to the Established brand. Although some of our projects remain under wraps some of our past collaborations include. Vodaphone / Airbus / NHS / Uni of Oxford / Uni of Bristol / UWE / National Trust / Liverpool FC / Standard Chartered / Sapient / Alzheimer’s UK / Mclaren / Yeo Valley / HTC the list goes on.

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We have developed our own unique way of supporting business development through product design consultancy.

The aim is simple. Make things better. Course correct for success.

We are firm believers that companies and entrepreneurs’ benefit from our support even before any design work has begun.

No time like the present, check out our meeting planner. Simply select a time that suites you to arrange a free meeting.