Product design companies who can prototype your idea

July 27, 2022

We hope you are looking for product design companies who can prototype and realise a product idea.

As entrepreneurs how do you source the right product design team?

What are the key attributes to successful product development?

and perhaps more importantly how does this pave the way for market traction?

FLYNN was founded in the early noughties since then we have noticed a greater number of product design companies offering design development of consumer and medical products. This is a great thing, business in the UK is thriving. However as a business owner, founder or inventor, this can make selecting the right team harder, simply sifting through google.


1) This is a fundamental one, often overlooked. Understanding why product design companies exist in the first place, where do they sit within the lifecycle of your business or start-up. We think it vital that a good product design company understands what its key objectives are. At FLYNN we understand design for business. We exist, to support and develop sustainable business, that thrive through design thinking.

2) It is essential that they understand why you are seeking prototyping. Over the past 20 years so many start up companies and inventors have approached us to "make my prototype", without a clear understanding of why we prototype. The best product design companies will help shake down and query why you want to prototype. After all prototyping is one of the most costly aspects of product development. Prototyping budgets should really be used wisely to iterate a design, to validate and prove something as well as ensure form and scaling are all heading towards an optimal direction. Prototyping for the sake of it, without a product development program is wasteful.

3) The ability to see things differently. Sometimes clients might look to see past experience in the exact product area. This is entirely understandable, however in our view, more important than past experience in your product area, is how they can bring new thinking to your product area or market. We thrive on how diverse our folio is. The best product design companies in our view live for this cross pollination and stay sharp because of it.  Companies who produce product development in the same area too long run the risk of stagnation and loosing the objectivity, which is the vital role of any consultancy.

4) Agility has always been one of our key attributes here at FLYNN. Being able to adapt is fundamental as modern business come in all shapes and sizes. Your product development team, needs to integrate with your company in an adaptive agile program. Another benefit to offering dynamic interoperability with your organisation is the simple working style and customer service which is standard here at FLYNN. You do not get passed onto a project manager, finding the best product design companies is also about the relationships your building as a key player in rolling out your hardware, it should be fun and rewarding.

5) Not being limited by what machines they have in the back! There are lots of prototyping companies in the UK. Many suffer from the same drawbacks, prototyping machines are super expensive, so its hard to supply cutting edge prototype hardware across different vendors machines. In a nutshell many prototype companies will have limited machines that limit the type of prototyping which can be achieved. FLYNN prototype via hybrid network which in simple terms means we can deliver the full spectrum of prototyping techniques. Spanning from SLA, SLS, FDM, MJF Printing. The best machines with the best technique for the job. Vacuum Casting, RIM Casting, Laser cutting, Laser Sintering of metal alloys. Punch Cutting, Die Cutting, Metal Forming. Metal and plastic CNC in 5 Axis, with unrivalled A/B surface fidelity in the UK.

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At Flynn Product Design, we're dedicated to working with individuals and companies on a one-to-one basis through all stages of the design process.  Our one-to-one, confidential design workshops are a great way to explore the future potential of your product idea and to accompany you on your product development journey:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of problems
  • Challenging assumptions and preconceptions
  • Exploring ideas and finding optimal solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Preparation for Manufacturing

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