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TOPL CUP Launch full Beans!

November 19, 2020

We thought it was high time the reusable coffee cup sector has some innovation. As product designers and developers of TOPL we are so pleased to announce the final launch of a product we have been developing over the past 12 months.

Introducing TOPL, we think the best Reusable coffee cup money can buy. We worked long and hard with focus groups finding a balanced yet familiar aesthetic which had comforting proportions.

Our research on product styling has really enhanced the user engagement, people love the look and feel of TOPL and that is without getting to TOPL's USP.  TOPL is designed to allow you to sip away at your favorite flat white with 360 Degree drinking. Gone are those burned lips, trying to first find and sip through a slot. The nerves in the lip are super sensitive to detect heat, yet your common disposable cup, with a slot masks that heat until it's too late.

design development meeting

TOPL allows you to enjoy the full aroma, lets face it a coffee out these days isn't cheap. So why compromise on the full bean - full sensory experience.

Yet should any accidents occur, be that on a train, car or at work, TOPL has built in anti-spill technology which snaps shut preventing big spills and potential scalding.

We developed an innovative way to package all of this including a rotational locking mechanism which is patent pending, this makes it quick and easy to jump on a bus and put your TOPL in a back without worrying about leaks.

TOPL Launched here  Get yours while its hot!

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