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January 15, 2014

That time of year comes around quick!

Actually springtime is usually a busy time for most business, particularly so in Product Design Development where plans get the green light, for modifying existing ranges or innovating from the ground up and creating new products for market. A new year beckons and we wanted to reflect a moment on some of our work (which we are able to talk about ) from the year just passed. We are proud to have been a big part in three projects from varied sectors that all went on to receive awards, in no particular order;


Techball was developed by Flynn Product Design for Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool FC. We took over where other agencies had failed to deliver and within a month had designed developed and prototyped a Football which adhered as close as possible to FIFA regulation. The key difference and what makes TechBall Special, a world first, is the onboard 60FPS 1080p Camera with over 6 hours up-time. This allowed the unique perspective for Standard Chartered Media Campaign 90 Seconds to Anfield. We overcame some major design and prototyping challenges rapidly, which we are pleased to see helped TechBall be shortlisted for Innovation at Cannes Lions in the Summer.


Fill 'n' Squeeze

This is a case study project working with start up business. Our client was looking to take a project to market for the first time and full of enthusiasm and bags of tenacity to make this a reality. The business idea was essentially to give home cooked food for young children the convenience of the likes of Ellas Food Pouches and others, which by the way are an extensively profitable sector in the UK. Our client noticed that kids engage with the Sachet or food pouch format better than home cooking and using tupawares and spoon, plus parents like the convenience when out of the home. Our client had set up the production for the pouches and was brainstorming ways to deliver the filling in the home, running with the idea of using a variation of a syringe, we helped our client understand the positives of a "filling Station" as an item of home-wares, that gives the brand a place in the home. The project went on to win a handful of awards, including Consumer Product Design of the Year from the Plastic Industry awards.

Consumer product Design of the year


A Bristol based Assisted Living,Tech Startup that was born out of the idea for a compact home based alarm system. Our client approached us to help him develop the enclosure design. Working closely with the client to understand the market positioning for this product it became clear there was a need for Innovation, we build on the clients original idea for tamper proofing with a snap-fit key system, now Patent Pending. SimpAlarm is a promising product that has evolved into an Assisted Living Product that is web enabled through GPRS to help caregivers offer a respectful level of activity monitoring for loved ones who require some extra care, such as the elderly or those suffering with early stage dementia but may live independently. We are proud to say SimpAlarm won the prestigious Discovering StartUps which is sponsored by Bristols very own Set Squared , Cambridge Wireless, Google , UKTI & Tech City.

Simp alarm

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