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The term Industrial Design Company is a little more common to hear over the pond. The actual definition of industrial design varies depending on the industrial designers you speak to. Here at Flynn we think industrial design has transcended the iterative improvement, aesthetic enhancement of a product. We think industrial design is the non-linear process of design thinking as it applies to physical, digital or even virtual experiences. Industrial design is ultimately about people and their product environment. Developing that industrial design so it is better for business, manufacturable, feasible and tangibly beneficial, comes as standard with our industrial design consultancy.

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Industrial Design Consultancy

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Our consultancy aims to be a little different. There are many who offer industrial design as a service, but one of the core areas that sets limits are potentially those early assumptions. What inputs have arrived at the formula? What is the core problem statement? Sometimes this is hidden, but it can pay dividends to work through this in our workshops.

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When you deeply connect with the core problem statement, ideas start to flow. The solutions are out there waiting to be discovered, like tuning in to the right frequency. Our industrial designers have an uncanny touch at creating novel and inventive concepts which are more often than not, Patentable. Breaking free “sandboxing” and creating a safe place for ideas to live, even for a short time enables us to imagine a better way.

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Industrial designers must test and validate at each of these stages. We established it was critical to test the original thinking that goes into the brief and PDS (product design specification? How do you know which idea to move forward and develop? Test – find a way, create a test rig, an experiment – prototype and validate. Move that idea forward into prototype, test assemblies prior to investment in hard tooling as much to de-risk the process.

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We take the Darwinian approach to product development and nurture those seedlings into concepts, give them names and introduce our clients to the fruit of our imaginations. Once intros are out of the way we work with our clients to analyse which of these concepts is the best fit for its environment. Which one or which combination of attributes brought into a whole can thrive in the marketplace gaining market traction and disrupt sectors.

Form Meets Functionality

Immerse your product in a harmonious blend of form and functionality. Our industrial design expertise ensures that every curve, contour, and detail serves a purpose, enhancing both aesthetics and user experience.

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Innovation at Every Angle

We go beyond the ordinary, infusing innovative solutions into every aspect of your product. Our team explores new materials, cutting-edge technologies, and unique design elements to ensure your product not only meets industry standards but sets them.

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User-Centric Approach

Your end-users are at the forefront of our design process. We delve deep into understanding their preferences, needs, and behaviours, ensuring that the industrial design not only captures attention on the shelf but also resonates seamlessly with the intended audience.

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Meeting by the Flynn TeamProduct design by flynn product designMan wearing VR goggles by FLynn Design Team

“we believe in pushing boundaries and disrupting markets with our skillset”

Tom Brew - Product Designer
Tom from Flynn Product Design