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product design consultancy

As a boutique product design consultancy, the approach we take is key to what sets us apart. We understand lean start-up and as we do corporate design departments. Clients big or small we keep things plain English, its important we covey laser sharp observations as externals. Consultancy built on user focused design, offering a personal client experience in industrial design, here to create your next successful product. Challenging the norms – no more “passive design” – Active Design – instead assumes nothing and works with our clients to reach their true product potential. Our design studio work with entrepreneurs, start-up’s, small and large business, even global brands, creating products that look outstanding, are intuitive to use and feel right, always with the end user in mind. A great formula for commercial success and a helping companies develop a sustainable business model.

The team of experienced product designers bring together industrial design for manufacture, production engineering, materials expertise and product development strategy. All our clients enjoy full studio access working with an experienced product designer at each stage of the project, and our team work hard to ensure your design journey runs as seamlessly as possible, straight talking, down to earth, pragmatic approach.

More than a product design engineering consultancy, at the heart of the company, Director Chris Flynn brings 20 years experience as a product design consultant and design engineer successful products. Chris ensures our standards of excellence and distinctive approach are retained by working personally on each project with the team. We manage teams of up to 10 people on a project by project basis with prototyping resources in the UK and China.

For over a decade our design agency has been guiding our clients through the product design process from initial product design consultancy, where we workshop and flesh out ideas, putting in the hard graft of developing and realising those ideas, to seeing their products come to life by engaging the user, becoming market leading products. We love what we do and enjoy the success it brings to our clients.


Product design consultancy for Start-Ups

We understand that every Entrepreneur and Start-up is unique. With a unique set of requirements, start-up’s may not be familiar with some aspects of the process – We will fill in the gaps when needed. In the last 10 years, over half our clients have been start-up’s. We Understand the importance of hitting the ground running, and being disruptive & gaining market traction, first time around, with a precise budget. You may require additional support with technical matters, creating IP and navigating the IP landscape, selecting supply chain partners such as injection moulders and packaging companies. As an award winning product design consultancy, It is our pleasure to guide you through that process & help turn your vision into success, whether your creating consumer products, the latest car charging technology or medical devices that make a difference.

Product Design Consultancy for Small firms to household Brands

Sometimes a project needs a fresh pair of eyes, this is key in design and development. Even if you are a large business or your brand is well established, it pays to look at your product through a different lens. You don’t need us to help you run your business, however you understand the importance of not standing still. We will work with your current product strategy and new product development team, collaborating to relay our insight, from our perspective. Large business can benefit in countless ways from working with an industrial design company; obtaining a revitalised development direction, help an ageing product range, slumping sales, shrinking market share, reduce cost to market and stimulate growth in an increasingly crowded marketplace. We can help you regain market dominance by offering an insightful second opinion, and by bringing the design thinking of a leading product design company into your organisation.


Product Design Consultancy for Inventors

If you have had that potentially life-changing lightbulb moment and wish to create a new product, we can help grow your idea into something incredible and tangible. As one of the UK’s leading product design companies is experienced in working with inventors and we take a supportive development role in the many steps ahead in your challenge. From the brilliant idea and pencil sketches – to the real challenge, creating a commercial product from the invention. Our ambition is for your product to reach its full potential. This can involve tweaking the innovation and more often than not, we contribute further intellectual property to your portfolio (which is assigned to you on completion). Our approach is to evolve the design so the product can market itself through well considered – objective – design thinking Balancing all the requirements beyond the key innovation, While we deliver the manufacture data, prototyping, packaging design and manufacture liaison. Our partners will guide you through IP assessment and Patent applications where required.

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