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Spool Brkt3

Ultimaker spool bracket – now on Thingiverse

We know we have been talking desktop printing a little of late, however when we make parts available for download we thought we would share a simple and brief update here.

We love the Ultimakers ability to allow us rapid validation of our CAD work , were very impressed with the materials Ultimaker supply also. However there is a plethora of ABS and PLA filament options out there to use from other suppliers. What we found however, is there is a large variation in the spool dimensions. We bought a spool that would not fit the standard bracket. So – we made one ourselves and here it is built only two hours later. 


This is now available for download on Thingiverse here

Recommended Build orientation is as pictured. Which does put the material in the weakest axis for the work it has to do, considering the “grain” in the layers deposited. We recommend a 3mm wall, with %60 fill, 80 ms/s Speed, 8 Sec Min layer time and support material by Cura, touching bed only.

As you can see in the images this is easy to remove. 

This is now available for download on Thingiverse here