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What is the importance of a prototype in product development?

The power of a prototype can not be overstated. This allows you to test if a mechanism or principle will work. The lessons learned will go into the next interpretation. This is the fundamental basis of development. Our approach is to do this swiftly, iterating fast.

How does sustainable design contribute to business success?

As a philosophy this is about doing good things, with the least negative impact on ecosystems. Brands can't do this alone, they need the market to "buy in". Design thinking allows us to develop products sustainably which gain that market traction. Even better working on green tech innovation, this actively contributes better business while reducing environmental impact.

How can design research and insight benefit my project?

We are big believers on looking at things from a unique perspective. Scoping to include Design Research can be a complete game changer. Critically it is about being better informed on the decisions brands make when setting out their product specification's and briefs. It is foundational work essentially. Base your project on real intel rather than assumptions, be that user tastes and behaviour's or how a technology can be improved. The benefits are vast.

How will a Discovery Audit benefit our brands product development?

FLYNN’s Discovery Audit offers an insightful evaluation of your current product development approach. Our process involves a thorough analysis to understand your product's position in the market and its alignment with customer needs. We aim to provide clear, actionable insights that can help steer your product design towards more innovative and effective solutions. This audit is not just about reviewing; it's about uncovering opportunities for growth and improvement, ensuring that your product strategy is on the right track for success. 

What is the difference between Discover Audit and Start-Up workshop?

The Discovery Audit is specially designed for established brands, while our Workshops are oriented towards Start-Ups and new businesses. This distinction ensures a customized approach to comprehensively understand your business from an objective standpoint. Our focus is on providing insights that yield long-term benefits. By engaging with your team proactively, we move beyond pre-existing assumptions. Our goal is to reveal a development roadmap that is finely tuned for commercial success, aligning closely with your unique business objectives and market dynamics

Should we get a patent before reaching out to you?

One of the primary risks of early patenting is that your innovation may not have reached its full potential or may not represent the best possible solution. At FLYNN, we recommend a thorough development and maturation of your innovation to ensure it's a viable and market-optimized design solution. Premature patenting can lead to a scenario where your patent does not accurately reflect your final market product. It's common for companies to become fixated on their initial concept solely because it's patented, rather than evaluating if it’s the most effective design for market engagement and commercial success. By partnering with FLYNN, you not only refine your innovation but also create valuable intellectual property, which can then be the basis for a more strategic and relevant patent application.

How will a Product Design for Start-Up workshop help me?

If you are a start up in new territory, be advised that a product can't be better than its brief. like a goldfish can't outgrow its bowl. This means if you are working on "what to design" and "how to solve the problem" unaided without experience your not off to the best start. You do not need to go it alone, you need a company like FLYNN which want to work with you proactively, so you do better in business.  Working with FLYNN is a gamechanger for start ups, in no small part due to the impact of our workshop.

How much does it cost designing a product for market?

When preparing a comprehensive proposal for you, a key consideration is ensuring the strategic alignment of your project. To accurately estimate costs, our initial step involves a detailed discussion to ascertain whether your current direction aligns with your desired outcomes. A proactive evaluation of your Request for Quotation (RFQ) is essential to determine its effectiveness in meeting your objectives and to assess its optimization. Consequently, conducting a Workshop or Discovery Audit is an invaluable initial phase to establish a solid foundation for your project. This approach enables us to provide you with a precise and tailored quote. Additionally, we offer specific incentives for projects in certain sectors, such as medical and green technology, which could significantly reduce your market entry costs.

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