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if you do have any questions, here is our FAQ about starting our product design quotation process.


When is the right time to speak with Product Designers about your project?

You can reach out to product designers, no matter what stage you are at currently. However we think it worth pointing out as long as your serious about developing a product, it is never to early to speak to us.

Do I need a patent before speaking with Product designers?

We have lost count of the number of companies or entrepreneur inventors who have spent limited budgets on patent work, only to realise that the patent process of working with Patent companies does not optimise your product for market success. By contrast that is precisely what we have dedicated the past two decades to doing. Patenting is a tool, a vital tool, but needs to be used at the right time in the right way and should never take precedent on what product development dictates will offer the highest chance of commercial success.

Do I need a prototype before speaking with you?

Absolutely not. It might be useful to convey your thinking, but were sharp on the uptake and dont want you to spend your limited budgets on work which may not be optimised. The design thinking we bring at FLYNN will more than likely revolutionise the current thinking and visa vis the prototyping. Just like Patenting, Prototyping is a vital tool, but one to be used when it benefits the development process. We prototype inhouse and offer world class prototyping, we see the prototype as a process within the umbrella of product development. Ask yourself why do you need a prototype? We will help you create prototypes that follow the design evolution once you speak with us.

Do I need drawings before getting a quote ?

Images, sketches, photos and CAD drawings can all help a great deal, however we are the Product Designers, so we don’t need you to have designed anything really. So drawings are definitely not required before speaking with us, they of course, can help, if you have some supporting info with your enquiry.

Am I taking a risk with my idea or invention speaking with FLYNN?

Absolutely not. The quote form above will provide you an NDA in advance. Or you can digitally sign our Mutual NDA here, in advance of sharing any details with FLYNN.

We have developed reputation for award winning product development over the past two decades through looking after our clients, this includes respecting their IP completely and inline with industry standards. We need to be able to speak openly so will always offer you our NDA before setting up a meeting, entirely for your peace of mind.