This is an active request for NHS trusts to get in-touch.

April 17, 2020

We are donating our resources to help NHS fight Covid-19

we are currently supporting our NHS critical care hospitals by donating our consultancy for any product design and development tasks or in particular supply chain issues, which are critical to coping with the coronavirus crisis.

If you are a hospital or NHS trust, we welcome you to get in-touch.

in March and April, we have been involved in helping hospitals across the southwest with contingency connectors for C-PAP machines. We designed and built parts within days. Many hospitals share a critically low supply for the same type of component. As the hospitals face many challenges in securing alternative supply chain for these medical grade polypropylene connectors. We have been helping them review suitability for rapid short run manufacture of robust alternatives to traditional supply chain. The UK manufacturing infrastructure is there waiting to help you.

NHS C Pap connector
C-PAP Ventilator Tube Connector designed by us and tested by NHS

If you are representing a UK hospital or NHS trust with any critical priority tasks which relate to screening, treating Covid-19 patients we will do our best to help.

  • We can assist you in developing quick turn around items which are in high demand and short supply.
  • We can reverse engineer replacement parts where your supply chain is unable to meet your demands.
  • We have already designed C-PAP connectors under review for use as contingency for existing single use components.

Our offer to support you comes at no charge, email us with your details.

We provide businesses with product design consultancy, industrial design, prototype design & related services.

Schedule your free meeting today and give us our next challenge !

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