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Bristol is frankly Awesome!

If you have never been, where have you been?

Yeah, ok we are biased.

But seriously, it is a brilliant city we have been proud to call home for 20 years.

Like great food, you need great ingredients in just the right proportions. Bristol is a bit like that.

Just in the Goldilocks Zone for awesomeness, not too big & not too small – just right ( population 467k last time we counted ).

In a pivotal position of  where northern and eastern corridors intersect, people gravitate here from all four points of the compass. Warning. You might not want to leave.

Cumberland Basin sml

What makes Bristol special?

Now you are asking! Well very hard to answer and depends who you speak to. There is a resonance with London, somehow you can journey closer down the M4 and those cities which are closer to London itself, seem to have less in common than Bristol does. I would say there is a sprinkling of that Shoreditch magic across Bristol. The modern Bristol we know was pretty much built on Slavery. This past is something the city is still trying to come to terms with, its legacy. For the average Bristolian that remnant of culture exchange that can still be felt, tasted and heard across the city is a massive part on why Bristol is what it is now.

Bristol we the curious

The vibe in this city is laid back, it is lively and opinionated.

Bristolians are global citizens with awareness of global issues. We would say it is a cultured city, with a thriving music and artist scene. Bristol boasts over 650 pubs and bar venues which always helped musicians develop their talents on the gig scene.

With Bristol University and University of West of England students numbering near 45k, the party scene here has to rock. We are seeing a resurgence of music trends we grew up with again home grown, Drum and Bass and Jungle make a resurgence. This takes us back to Nights out to “Ruff neck Ting” at the “trinity” back in the early 90s. A music scene was forged here in the sweaty deafening walls of this Church. Who knew the acoustics would be so good for Drum and Bass in these structures. ( I still have hearing loss, I might add wear protection kids! )

Bristol Harbour

Best of Both

Maybe it is due to the cities dark origins that makes modern Bristol a melting pot of cultures and languages, a city that still has its troubles, however gender and ethnic equality feel valued here to us at least. The same can be said for environmental issues, there is a strong contingent for sustainable organic farming and sustainable green living, probably on a par with a city like Brighton in that regard. The mindset here is laid back but switched on, no wonder droves of people seeking lifestyle change switch from London, Manchester etc, to chill out and “have the best of both worlds”.

North St Southville

Is Bristol a good place for Start-Ups?

It would be remiss of us not to get onto running a business here. We feel we have been blessed with an awesome crowd of companies to network with. Creative cells are dotted all over the City, from Spike Island, The Paint Works, to the Watershed and beyond. We need to give a shout out to the Engine Shed for being an ambassador for business start-up and growth, especially in the tech sector. The Engine Shed is a great place to network and check out live events from all manor of Bristol based designers. You should also check out the Bristol and Bath Science Park, a host of awesome businesses and also a fantastic venue for meetings just off the M4. There are too many start ups to name individually that we have followed and supported to great success.

I don’t think we are alone in thinking, Bristol is a thriving hub for entrepreneurs, SO YES,  Bristol is an awesome place to seed and grow.

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Things to Do and See in Bristol

Take a water taxi around the harbour, grab a coffee at the Arnolfini, pie & pint at the Grain Barge.

Take a Walk up into Clifton Village Sunday lunchtime and watch the Rugby in the Landsdown.

Check our We The Curious ( previously @Bristol ) while you walk around Millennium Square, walk down to see SS Great Britain, from the Wharf.

Take a stroll up North Street during Upfest, check out the cuisine any day of the week. Shout out to Souk Kitchen and Bristol Beer Factory.

Take a walk around Ashton court and check out the Venison burgers in the Cafe.  (Or take a round of golf or a ride on the miniature railway.)

Go mountain biking in the Bristol Gorge Bluebell Woods or the Timberland Trail.

Christmas steps at Christmas (or any day of the year). We love you 20th Century Flicks!

Check out the camera obscura and the suspension bridge – Cider Rider on the Avon Gorge Hotel Terrace as the sun sets (or hot choc and churros).

A Trip to Clifton Zoo before pizza at Boscos on Whiteladies Rd.

Swim then lunch at the Clifton Lido

Picnics on the downs – Frisbee and sand in your sandwiches optional.

Art exhibitions at the Arnolfini

Lunch at the Mud Dock

Get your groove on at the Thekla – not what it used to be ‘when i were a lad ‘

St Nicks Market any day of the week for food from the corners of the earth – sneaky tipple at the Left Handed Giant overlooking the river in swanky Welsh back.

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