Welcome to our Product Design Consultancy


We help your business by creating
products with the user in mind...


taking you from the seed of an idea.
Developing the concept to its true potential...


delivering inventive products, that look
and feel the way they should...


Design products the right way and they will sell themselves.



Our research formula will generate a fresh perspective, reveal new development opportunities & innovation that can lead to intellectual property.


At our core we develop new products based on insight for opportunities. Concept design sketching leads to concept CAD work and virtual prototyping, where we can test performance.


Bringing together creative thinking into a feasible solution, on-time & on-budget is carried through our process at every step and validated via prototyping & pre launch testing.

Product Designers..

Over the last ten years we have established ourselves as a leading product design and development consultancy, having had the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs, start-up’s, large and small businesses. Our aim remains the same; to create products that look outstanding, are intuitive to use and feel right.

It’s in our DNA..

As a technology company we help create over the horizon hardware, however we are pretty old school when it comes to traditional business values. We are not a massive agency by design, enjoying proximity to every project – to us, its a craft we take pride in. Our work takes inspiration from the natural world, which has been designing for a billion years.

A journey of discovery..

Ok – we admit it is a little cliché,  but it just happens to be true. Flynn Product Design have a knack for unique vision, not you’re conventional approach,  a new way of looking at the same set of problems so we increase our chances of discovery. If you want to discover you’re product’s potential – discover Flynn Product Design.

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Our core skills

Innovation / IP creation

Targeted product styling

Design for manufacture

Ergonomic design / user study


Structural packaging

Point of sale

Mechanical design