Designed and built in 48H for NHS

Gratis work for NHS urgent demand critical care components


We help your business by creating
products with the user in mind...


Taking you from the seed of an idea.
Developing the concept to its true potential...


Delivering inventive products, that look and feel the way they should...


Design products the right way and they will sell themselves. Call Now on Tel: 0117 2306887 to take it to the next level


No one works harder for your success


The Bedrock of our product design company is research and creation of fresh perspectives. Revealing new product design directions. Innovation is born from this kernel, generating new Intellectual property.


Our skilled product designers create ideas, sketching, developing CAD and by creating the very best in prototyping. Key to effective development is accurate rapid prototyping. From CNC, 3D printing in almost any polymer and metals, through to VAC & RIM Casting.


We are an award winning Industrial Design Consultancy because we work tirelessly to deliver engaging products that stimulate the user and disrupt markets. Design products the right way and they will sell themselves.

Product Designers and Consultants

Over the last ten years we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading product designers, having had the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs, startups, large and small businesses. Our aim remains the same; to create products that look outstanding, are intuitive to use and feel right. Find out more about our product design consultancy services

Consultancy is in our DNA

We would say a product design consultancy, not like any other, Our approach is to disrupt markets & explore the true product design opportunity – enabling a brighter product future. We are product designers offering a boutique, agile, flexible service, taking pride in our craft. Our work takes inspiration from the natural world, which has been designing for a billion years. Find out more about our prototype design services

A journey of discovery…

Business growth through design thinking begins with Discovery. We have a proven track record that spans over a decade of innovating on demand. Game-changing product design development starts with our unique vision, as product designers… try a different way of looking at the same set of real-world problems to increase chances of discovery. Looking to change the game? Get in touch, we love a challenge. Find out more about our research and development services

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Our core skills

Innovation / IP creation

Targeted product styling

Industrial Design

Research and Development

Design for manufacture

Ergonomic design / user study


Structural packaging

Point of sale

Mechanical design