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Teams built around you..

The Product Design Consultancy  demands we operate a dynamic team tailored to each project, which includes product designers, product stylists mechanical and electrical designers, at the heart of the business acting Director Chris Flynn brings over 10 years experience as a product designer to your project. Chris ensures our standards of excellence and distinctive approach are retained by working personally on each project with the team. We manage teams of upto 10 people on a project by project basis with prototyping resources in the UK and China.


Our core skills

Innovation / IP creation

Targeted product styling

Design for manufacture

Ergonomic design / user study


Structural packaging

Point of sale

Mechanical design


Market sectors

Domestic appliances


Kitchen products




Active sports products


Garden products


Electronic consumer products


Science, Medical and pharmaceutical


Furniture and office systems


Who benefits from working with product designers?


Entrepreneurial businesses have a unique set of requirements when it comes to delivering their vision. In the last 10 years, over half our business has been in this sector. We know you need to make a success, first time around with a precise budget. You may require additional support with things like Intellectual property and manufacture resources etc.
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Small firms to household Brands

You don’t need us to help you run your business, however you understand the importance of  not standing still. All business can benefit from our expertise as an external design consultancy. We will work with your product strategy / new product development team, collaborating to relay our insight, from our perspective. Large business can benefit in countless ways; obtaining a revitalised development direction / help an ageing product range / slumping sales / shrinking market share / reduce cost to market and stimulate grow in an increasingly crowded marketplace. We can help regain market dominance.
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We have a lot of experience working with “inventors” those who have has a flash of inspiration for a product idea. We take a supportive development role in the many steps, from the where you have taken things yourself – to the real challenge, creating a commercial product from the invention. Our ambition is for your product to reach it’s full potential. This can involve tweaking the innovation and more often than not, we contribute further intellectual property to your portfolio. Our approach is to evolve the design so the product can market itself with clearly defined markets. While we deliver the manufacture data, prototyping,  packaging design and manufacture liaison. Our partners will guide you through IP assessment and Patent Applications if this applies.
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Three cases in point..

Start up business

Fill n Squeeze is a start up business with a vision for providing parents increased control over the food children eat. They came to us initially with the idea of adding a spout to food pouches and their intention was to use a syringe to put the pulp food into their custom designed plastic food pouches.

We soon developed the concept towards a filling station such that parents can easily fill their pouches. The most simple and easy clean approach was to use a hopper and plunger.  We developed a body of work including styling options and packaging options. They eventually went into production making some changes of their own and have received great acclaim in the mum and baby sector, winning awards.

Filler and packaging

A global Brand

We recently developed a unique camera system for Standard Chartered who sponsor Liverpool FC, the system is called TechBall. We had around 20 days to design, develop and prototype a system which we took upto Anfield for testing by Steven Gerrard. The basic concept was to obtain 60 Frames/ Second 1080 Pixel True HD video from the perspective of the ball. This was an incredibly challenging brief as the ball needed to look , weigh and play like a FIFA standard size 5 Ball. We had to develop custom electronics for the Camera system, robust enough to endure the 90G that happens during a full strike of the ball. Our target weight was 445 Grams when the camera equipment weighed around 150 Grams. We developed a new form of Polyurethane material and casting process to deliver a robust lightweight coating. The Techball has been on tour around Asia see the action from Kuala Lumper.

Techball Liverpool FC

An inventor

Inventor Kevin D. contacted Flynn Product Design to help take him from something that had been buzzing around his head for months. Our starting point was a simple doodle, describing the device. The product crucially had cradle mount for all sizes of camera, smart phone and flip type video cameras. The concept was to create a device to make seamless panoramas from video or still. Our initial step was to offer Intellectual property assessment through our partners so we can see if something similar has already been protected. All indications were, TurnCradle was at least viable to develop to allow Kevin to approach investors. Our challenge was to develop the idea , creating a working prototype from CNC materials and a simple electrical prototype for the internals. We also produced the product identity and branding. The product is now Patent pending.

Turncradle2 New