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After 20 years developing one of Europe’s leading product design consultancies, tackling a variety of challenges in product development, we figured we would like a structured way to meet the best of the best graduate and post graduate designers who have studied product design or industrial design and offer a little help when it comes to the rising cost of studying.

The Graduate scholarship is set up to recognise outstanding candidate’s from across the world who tick the right boxes for us, what we value might be different from your academic objectives, we are looking for professional standard junior design projects.

Awards are based entirely on our judgement of the project submission.

The annual scholarship awards the winning candidate £1000.



  1. All applicants must be enrolled full time in a product design or industrial design undergraduate degree or masters degree program.
  2. Applicants should be in their final year prior to graduating. Final year Undergrads and Masters Students.
  3. We want to hear from graduates predicted at least a 2:1 or B grade average or higher.
  4. The graduate scheme can only be won, by an individual once. (Repeat applications can not be considered)
  5. You can only apply if your University is officially enrolled in our scholarship. – ( Speak to your course director )
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Where do I apply?

Please first read and ensure you are eligible to apply, we wish to only receive one email from you containing your final submission. Send these with your attachment less than 30Mb to

What is required in the application?

We are looking for the cream of the crop, only the best work will be shortlisted.

To apply you will provide solutions to our design brief below and application form you can download here

Product Development by Flynn Product design Ltd. UK product design company

Scholarship Product Design Brief

We want you to envision a sustainable product that utilises reclaimed ocean plastic in its assembly. ideally we would like to see at least %80 of the structure comes from using reclaimed ocean plastic and Up to %20 using long term bio degradable plastics. The device is a next level hair dryer for generation x individuals who want to reduce their environmental footprint, yet still expect the best when it comes to ergonomic design, styling and performance.

To solve the brief, you must provide freehand ( digital paint is ok ) sketching of 3 concepts then we want to see a rational for which of the three you select and then in order to solve the brief you must take that concept into a CAD package and offer digital CAD renders of the product, which should communicate an understanding of the structure and production techniques. We are not interested in designs that can not be moulded or manufactured. Think about the limitations of these non engineering plastics & Remember your user at all times and all stages of the product use.

Submit all work in image format, ideally PDF under 20Mb or PPT.


So when is the latest submission date?

We have all been there. University is a challenge, that is kind of the point. We know you will be burning the candle at both ends and often submissions get pushed back. We have a firm final submission date of November 20th 2023.

Due to popular demand, we can not respond to all applications. We will contact you if you have been shortlisted and we will certainly contact you if you have been awarded. Final judging and decision is made in December 2023.

Call us on Tel: 0117 2306887