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Considering New Product Development?

We encourage our clients to engage in our workshop style consultation with us as the first step. This enables us to dig deep into your situation, to thought check your RFQ, shake down the problem statement, so we can get to the essence of where the true design opportunity lies. We aim to better understand where you are in your product development cycle, assisting you to set out the brief and analyse any current solutions which may be under consideration. Our focus is design development as a tool for better business, therefore it is vital we get a full grounding in the genesis of the enquiry and guide you through the often challenging process of product design and development for manufacture and launching a new product on the market.

Research & Development

A strong foundation for any great project is great research. We will examine the key issues that you may encounter during your product design journey and consider the essential elements that will help move your product design process along. We will look at your audience, market and competitors to support a product development process that is built on data and a strong real-world rationale. Understanding the context of a product is fundamental to its success.

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Conceptual Product Design

As a creative innovative design consultancy, it’s our expertise to be able to ideate and communicate novel and inventive conceptual design for any given problem set. We will then assess collaboratively with you in which direction your product should progress often cherry-picking the best bits from A,B,C to create a hybrid of excellent product design DNA, that stands a chance to thrive.

CAD Development

Our designers and engineers use the world’s leading suite of industrial design development tools to bring your product to life. We may develop CAD concept models, FEA model and Engineering Virtual prototyping all of which has enabled our clients to save thousands on physical prototypes as well as shave months off lead times. We will assess and validate the manufacturing viability of the product along with the system design and the internal component manufacturing feasibility and costs.

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Why should I design and develop my idea?

Returning to the problem statement, working with product designers, enables you to not only realise your own solution but match it against a plethora of other possible solutions, often more sophisticated or elegant ways to solve the problem set. By us doing this for you, we generate new IP. This IP is transferred to you, which means your competitors post-launch will find this pathway blocked. This ensures a safer environment for your product to thrive and capture market share. Moreover, we enable you to fully consider, hold in your hand and assess the feasibility of these products, without development finance, your project is just an idea. Should you be looking to gain support from key stakeholders and future investors, working with award-winning product designers like Flynn Product Design embeds professionalism and credibility for your venture.

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Should I patent my idea first before working with product designers?

There is no universal answer here. However, in our experience, we can safely say there are many advantages to speaking with product designers first. The patent process is not “active” the patent process does not concern itself with the commercial success of the invention or the usability or marketability of the idea, yet it is a commonly held belief that the process starts here. In fact, the patent application process should be far more worthwhile following or during your development cycle working with product designers. The design will evolve, often making your initial solution to the problem look obsolete. Why protect an outmoded solution. Working with a product design development consultancy can instead provide you with an evolved solution or solutions which form a portfolio of Intellectual property. Moreover, the patent process has metronomic time limits, patenting too early can mean you are into more advanced upkeep payments of the patent when you are still a long way from launch.

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Why is design and development important when marketing my idea?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Imagine how much is said by passing around to your investors or potential buyers a fully functioning working prototype. We develop products such they are engaging and tactile to hold. Materials and form come together in a symphony in order to create the best products out there. We look to bring this capability within reach of your organisation. In fact, we have helped numerous companies over the past decade including those who “pretail” the product before it is actually manufactured. Enabling our clients to De-risk the development process and maximise their return on investment in us.

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