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Patented self stabilising walker
ergonomic walker we developed the world's first self stabilising walker for the adventurous who might need that little bit of help getting about disc brake levers

height adjustable patented suspension fully moulded back rest / hand grip

cargo bay acts as
counter weight for the upper deck
seat rest patented central pivot
articulates the upper and lower decks, keeping you level.

design that makes a difference

Our US client is in the mobility sector, they contacted FLYNN as they needed a different, disruptive innovation. it still remains the case that in the mobility sector a lot of the design standard is low. Most products you see in this sector look like they came from an 80s hospital ward.

Another worlds first

user centered product design is our speciality. The target market in this project was those with physical challenges which meant using a Rollator or Walker was beneficial. We researched markets such as scandinavia, the US and Canada where the great outdoors was very much part of the walkers environment. ‘Podna’ as this product was called uniquely looked at the user case ergonomically for uneven terrain.

stay upright
no matter the terrain

The target market was broad in age, aiming to be appealing for younger people with walking difficulties and the person more senior, that enjoy well designed products. Our key USP was the ability to remain upright, just as the user does when walking on an incline. All other walkers, react to the uneven surface, further exadurating the instability experienced to an already unsteady user.

Patented design
and development

The aim: remove the stigma associated with the ‘walker’. FPD sprang into action in developing a tubular aluminium frame construction, that was built in the USA, from our drawings. The patent pending design concept utilised one patent granted of the clients and one patent pending from our invention of the concept; having the user always walking upright, despite the terrain.

We support those, who do as we do
search any path fearlessly.

We had the prototypes built from our drawings over in the USA for testing. As seen from the image on the left here, notice how the user stands upright even as they encounter terrain which is sloping. Our ergonomic research indicated that other competitors, having the hand rails high and around the user, is beneficial on the flat, but not if there is undulating terrain. We wanted to envisage and reach out to users of all ages, who don’t accept the restriction to walk on the flat.

We wanted to support those who do as we do and search any path fearlessly.

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