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mp design of the worlds best f car

An interview with designers of the McLaren MP4/4

The world of Formula One is the bleeding edge of motorsport. often cloaked in technological secrecy, this is effectively an “arms race” for designers and prototype fabricators in a global sport. It is well known how much the technology here is vital to manufacturing and transport design as the ideas, methods and materials filter down.

Over the holidays I was delighted to view this video interview with a few of the designers of arguably the best F1 car of all time. The McLaren MP4/4.

This is a unique interview in my view, it gives unique insight into just how hand drawn and fettled cars used to be. An insight in to problem solving and fascinating what the stimulus and solutions which were arrived at to shave off those vital thousandths of a second per lap. In fact this car was the first to use Carbon fibre so widely, which was a technology brought over from Aerospace in the US.

Hopefully you will enjoy the interview, its a window into a world which has changed enormously in this time and thanks to JayEmm on cars for his work.

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Video Transcript.

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