The internet went berserk back in 2008, when some press shots of our innovative take on the humble Webcam were snapped up by Gadget Magazines. This technology for WIFI HD Video was still in its infancy at the time.

The camera was developed with an Autofocus @ 1280 x 720 / 45FPS.

Thanks to our technical team we were able to resolve some of the early issues with WIFI video such as RF interference.  Products these days are better shielded for RF so dispite there being more devices than ever casting into our homes and offices, the situation is better than it was in 2008. WIFI cams are common place now yet our concept was way ahead of its time. Actualy just a fun take on something familiar, it caused a storm.

“  certainly freshens up the traditionally bulbous webcam design, and it’s the first of its kind that I can say genuinely frightens me (just a little).“ GIZMODO

We wanted our cam to stand out from the crowd, with USB charging our Webcam was one ‘Arachnophobic’, way to keep the clutter from your desk.

“  Now this is one creature I wouldn’t mind having crawl on my desk. Internet cameras more or less have the same boring design, so it’s refreshing to stumble upon this sci-fi inspired cam“ Trend Hunter